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Exploring Los Cabos

The End of the Earth

Known well for being the last piece of land of the Peninsula of Baja California, this vast and generous territory shared by Mexico and the United States. It is precisely because of its proximity to this country that Los Cabos denotes a great influence of the American lifestyle, in terms of urban services and shopping centers. However, that charm of the town where the Sea of Cortez and the mountains join is maintained.

A Tourist Dicotomy

Two personalities who are dramatically different distinguish this destiny. On the one hand, the quiet San Jose del Cabo maintains the look and feel of an authentic Mexican town, cobblestone streets, intimate restaurants and boutiques are part of its charm. On the other hand, the strident Cabo San Lucas, located on the other side of the “Corredor”, is the perfect place to party, with lively bars and glamorous shopping centers near the marina.

Dream Beaches

Beside the Tourist Corridor are the beaches recognized as the best for water sports, as well as beaches where the party vibrates all visitors. Live a glamorous and eternally festive atmosphere in Cabo San Lucas. Try a refreshing electric lemonade or delight yourself by sipping a frozen Blue Margarita while you let yourself be wrapped on both sides of Los Cabos. The adventure is just about to begin.